Teamfight Tactics Set 7.5 Aphelios: Best Items and Synergies

Published: 14:43, 10 October 2022
Riot Games
Aphelios will receive much needed buffs
Aphelios will receive much needed buffs

Aphelios can be a powerful carry in your Teamfight Tactics boards that utilizes Darkflight and Cannoneer traits. Aphelios works best with the frontline of Cavalier and Graves as a fellow Cannoneer carry.

Riot Games added Cannoneer and Darkflight traits to Aphelios. Darkflight is a new trait that sacrifices an ally to grant health and one of its equipped items to all Darkflight units on the board.

Aphelios remains in his backline carry role and can act as the main carry, a secondary carry or to activate his synergies. His ability Binding Eclipse uses his Infernum cannon to fire in a cone towards his target, dealing damage to the first enemies hit, then he uses his Gravitum cannon to stun all enemies that were previously hit.

The amount of damage and stun duration increases with the number of stars. Aphelios can be a powerful carry in Teamfight Tactics comps that utilize Cannoneer and Darkflight traits, in a duo with Graves and a tanky frontline of Cavaliers.

In builds where Aphelios has the Darkflight trait activated, Guinsoo’s Rageblade can be replaced by Zeke’s Herald from the sacrificed unit. If the sacrificed unit is dropping a tank item like Protector’s Vow, it’s best to equip Aphelios with a third item of its own.

Alternative items that can also work well on Aphelios are Giant’s Slayer, Runaan’s Hurricane, Statikk Shiv, Hand of Justice, Deathblade, Bloodthirster, and even Titan’s Resolve.

Mobalytics Teamfight Tactics Aphelios Board Teamfight Tactics Aphelios Board

Guinsoo’s Rageblade grants unlimited attack speed stacks, perfect for a backline carry that needs to stay alive until the end of the round and increase the number of casts of the user’s skill. Infinity Edge is another ideal item that grants critical strike chance and damage, increasing the power of basic attacks considerably.

And Last Whisper is an essential item to face comps with large amounts of armour on the frontline, such as Guardians, in addition to also granting critical chance.


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