How to play Teamfight Tactics 7.5 Darkflight: Synergies, Champions and Items

Published: 14:35, 07 October 2022
Riot Games
Sacrifice one unit on the board to give all of your Darkflights an item

Riot Games replaced the Legend trait in Teamfight Tactics with the new and upgraded vertical trait called Darkflight. This brand new trait features an evolved Dragon Tyrant version of Swain.

The Darkflight trait showcases an evolved version of the Legend trait. Darkflight trait provides a hex on your Teamfight Tactics board during the planning phase. A unit within that hex is sacrificed at the start of combat, providing a copy of a random item to all Darkflight units on the board. At breakpoints 2/4/6/8 your champions gain bonus health.

Emblems and non-craftable items (such as Ornn items) become Darkflight Essence according to Riot game design director Stephen “Mortdog” Mortimer . Darkflight Essence gives you bonus attack damage and health.

Set 7.5 champions with the Darkflight trait are Aphelios, Rell, Rengar, and Swain Dragon Tyrant. The best item that goes well with the Darkflight trait is Protector's Vow. This item gives a large amount of shields for your Darkflight army. Overall, aura items are the best ones because they buff your comp with shields, armour and magic resist. 

The upgraded version of Swain has him as a tier-four dragon, costing seven gold to purchase in the shop following the Dragon trait rework. 

Players can pair Dragon Tyrant Swain with any of the other dragons in Teamfight Tactics set 7.5. Within the Darkflight comp, Swain is a frontline tank that makes use of ability power and defensive items.

Riot Games Dragon Tyrant Swain Dragon Tyrant Swain

Morellonomicon is strong on Swain because of his dragonling attacks and Archangel’s Staff increases his ability power. You want to have these two items on your Swain as this gives the highest damage output. Defensive items such as Protector's Vow will keep your dragon alive throughout combat. 

Besides Swain, your other main carry should be Nilah. Nilah is a new four-cost assassin that can work as a primary carry. Nilah has the shields, backline access and lots of damage. With the Darkflight emblem, she becomes unstoppable. If you play Nilah in your comp, you should give her two attack damage items and leave the third slot open for Darkflight copy item.


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