Overwatch 2: How to complete the "Ominous Portent" Wrath of the Bride challenge

Published: 12:13, 26 October 2022
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Here is how you fix the Overwatch 2 crashing mid-game error!

The Wrath of the Bride PvE mode has multiple Challenges for you to unlock, but some of them may leave you scratching your head because they’re written in riddles – the “Ominous Portent” Challenge being one of them.

Near the beginning of the challenge, you will head toward a locked gate. You are then tasked with grabbing a key. When you do this, Banshee Moira appears and gives you a jumpscare! Instead of grabbing it, you want to wait. If anyone touches the key, it will be too late, and you will have to grab this Blizzard's   Overwatch 2  challenge on a different run.

It is important NOT to pick up the gate key until you’ve finished the Challenge or you’ll need to play through it again. Banshee Moira appears randomly around this area so you and your team will need to look around until you spot her seven times. The good thing about this is that if anyone on your team sees a Banshee moment, it counts for everyone.

Walk around the area before grabbing the key, and Moira will randomly phase in and out but will not attack you. Various noises will be heard during this time. If you don't grab the key, you'll be given the Ominous Portent challenge. 

This is best done with a group of friends because random people may be unaware of the challenge and simply grab the key because it is easy to find.

Simply walk around the area until you receive the notification that you have completed the task, and you will be able to provide Kiriko with a new "Tarot Reading" voice line.

Blizzard Be careful, don't get scared! Be careful, don't get scared!

These don’t particularly change the game up drastically but will be fun little things to go for to get yourself various rewards for playing. 

Now that's how you complete the Ominous Portent Challenge in Overwatch 2’s Halloween Terror event! 


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