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Overwatch 2 gets Halloween event and everyone hates it

Published: 09:01, 25 October 2022
Overwatch 2 - Halloween event 2022
Overwatch 2 - Halloween event 2022

Events in Overwatch used to be a thing everyone looked forward to but Blizzard has now soiled the players' enthusiasm with, you guessed it - monetisation.

Overwatch 2  went further to the dark side by over-monetizing the Halloween Terror event, which used to be one of the fan favourites since it held some of the best skins the game had.

More importantly, the players could earn those skins by just playing the game but just like with all the other cosmetics, this is not the case in the "sequel".

Blizzard announced the event, boasting the players could "earn exclusive ghostly rewards" but this is just a handful of filler content picks such as sprays nad player icons.

Furthermore, Halloween Terror used to introduce a bunch of skins, with two or three Legendaries, and three to five Epics and even started putting the latter category into weekly challenges where the player would straight up unlock them for winning games instead of paying the in-game currency.

This time around, there are just two Legendary skins, one for Kiriko and Junker Queen each, and there is no way to unlock them without shelling out $20.

Technically, Reaper was supposed to be the third Legendary but Blizzard is giving that one away as compensation for the poor state of the game at launch.

Blizzard Overwatch 2 - Cursed Captain Reaper Overwatch 2 - Cursed Captain Reaper

Even the old skins that we could get directly from the loot boxes awarded at the end of a match, playing different modes or completing objectives, can now only be obtained with Credits or Legacy Credits, with the latter only being available for players who piled them up in the original game and they have no other source.

Overall, the quality of the event has been severely degraded and the community hates the whale hunting ways of Blizzard, it only remains to be seen how much they will tolerate it and whether shot callers can get away with the greedy monetisation.


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