New World Golden Scarab farm and sulfur pool survival guide

Published: 02:31, 04 November 2022
Amazon Game Studios
New World - Charming night in Brimstone Desert
New World - Charming night in Brimstone Desert

Golden Scarabs are pretty overpriced in New World, given how easy they are to farm. Here is a quick rundown on how to get your own and decide whether you want to use or sell them.

Golden Scarabs are a neat little feature for crafters that was introduced to New World in the Brimstone Sands update, allowing people with the crafting armour, food and trophies equipped to reduce the gambling risks while trying to produce Legendary gear.

Namely, with all the modifiers above and a town buff, players can craft items between 595 and 600 Gear Score, with only 600 yielding Legendary items with an additional perk. The Scarab increases your chance of getting that by moving the lower bar to 598, meaning you now have 33 per cent chance of getting a Legendary instead of just 16.67 per cent.

For that reason, they are highly sought after but Amazon Game Studios didn't really disclose how to get the item so here is the most efficient way of gathering them.

How to get Golden Scarabs

Golden Scarabs can drop from Elite Grave Offerings and Glyph Chests which can be found around Brimstone Sands.

Glyph Chests are the ones you need to decipher by interacting with them, after which you are allowed to loot them and they can typical be found during chest runs. Unfortunately, these chests have only about a two per cent chance of dropping a Scarab.

Instead, you should focus on the Elite Grave Offerings that are located in the sulfur pools around the map. There are four areas where you can find the sulfur pools - one to the west, two to the southwest and one to the east of New Corsica.

Amazon Game Studios New World - New Corsica The chests are relatively close to New Corsica but you can always teleport to shrines if necessary

To pinpoint the locations of pools and the chests within them, it is best to consult the interactive map that shows their exact spawn points . Needless to say, these are the chests you need to farm as they boast a seven per cent drop chance on the Scarabs.

Sulfur pool survival tips

It won't be as easy as just pressing E to loot the chests though, there are too many dangers lurking about.

First, you will need a few items that will allow you to survive looting chests from the sulfur pools:

  • Jewelry item with Purifying Toast perk
  • A bunch of orange (Regeneration) potions, doesn't matter which tier
  • Ranged weapon, even if you are not specced into it
  • Good to have but not mandatory: Acid Tincture

The reason for the Purifying Toast and Regeneration potions is that when you inevitably get the Acid Burn status effect while looting the chests, you can use the potion to remove it immediately and start healing up.

Amazon Game Studios New World - Purifying Toast is amazing in the sulfur pool farm. New World - Purifying Toast is amazing in the sulfur pool farm.

Acid Burn's severity is only a danger while you're actively being damaged by a sulfur pool so make sure you pop that Regen potion as soon as you're done looting - otherwise you will die almost instantly. 

Acid Tincture helps in these situations as well but its bonus lasts for only five minutes so constantly using it might become a drag on your finances eventually as these are not as readily available as Regen potions.

All the chests are protected by Abominations that will attempt to pull you towards them. Dodge this attack and find cover before it starts throwing slime at you. Being behind cover will force the enemy to approach you and therefore leave the pool so you can fight it in a safe area. Once it's there, switch to your melee weapon and kill that thing so you can loot in relative peace. This doesn't apply for players who are using ranged weapons already - it doesn't matter where you kill it since you can shoot them from a safe distance anyway.

Amazon Game Studios New World - Players vs dragons in Brimstone Sands These overgrown lizards guard some of the chests. Be careful, they are pretty tough

If you see one Abomination in a pool, just prod it with your ranged weapon and repeat the aforementioned steps to bring it down.

Once you make to the chest and see that you might need to open it first, make sure you jump onto the thing. That way, your Acid Resistance will drain much slower, allowing you to properly open the chest before Acid Burn kicks in.

When it's open, another Abomination will spawn so just use the aforementioned tips to kill it.

Looting the chest is not as easy as opening it since the game will usually bug out and you won't be able to interact with the object if you are standing on it. Your character will just spaz out and interrupt the looting attempt.

Instead, you will just need to suck it up and stand in the pool next to the chest, loot as fast as possible and pop the Regen potion the moment you're done. 

Rinse and repeat with all the sulfur pool locations on the map, which will net you 17 chests per day, meaning you are likely to get at least one Scarab per run.


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