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LoL Esports: Mikyx apparently coming back to G2

Published: 17:14, 02 November 2022
Updated: 17:17, 02 November 2022
Michal Konkol
Mihael "Mikyx" Mehle
Mihael "Mikyx" Mehle

G2 could be somewhat close to repeating one of the best European League of Legends rosters with a potential return of their support but another star has already left.

One of the greatest rosters in competitive European League of Legends history just can't get back together even as one of the former G2 members might be on the verge of coming back.

G2 with Wunder, Jankos, Caps, Perkz and Mikyx happened to be one of the strongest ever European teams in Riot 's MOBA but one by one, the organisation started dropping the members in the past couple of seasons.

Perkz was gone first, followed by Wunder and Mikyx but the last one on the list is rumoured to be coming back for the next season. However, chances of seeing something close to the aforementioned roster shrunk when it was announced that Jankos was no longer on the team .

In any case, the reasons for Mikyx's departure last season weren't fully revealed but his skill just can't be faulted. After being a free agent for half a season, he joined Excel and the team was immediately uplifted, going from the bottom half in rankings to just barely missing World Championship 2022.

G2 Esports League of Legends - Ocelote is not confirming od denying any accusations leveled against Riot and LEC 2023 will also be the first season for G2 without Ocelote

This means only the jungler remains anonymous for G2's roster for the time being, as Broken Blade will remain in top lane, Caps in mid while Hans Sama and Mikyx will take bot lane.

Depending on who the new jungler turns out to be, we could be looking at a G2 superteam but such rosters usually don't work out, as was the case with G2 itself back in 2021 when Mikyx and Rekkles failed to create synergy and the team had one of its worst seasons ever.


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