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New World patch 1.7.1 brings a ton of fixes ahead of Fresh Start servers

Published: 15:34, 02 November 2022
Amazon Game Studios
New World - Brimstone Desert view
New World - Brimstone Desert view

Amazon Game Studios rolled up their sleeves and delivered a massive bug-fixing patch ahead of the Fresh Start server launch in New World.

New World 's rollout of Fresh Start servers has already begun on November 2, 2022, but not all of them went online by the time this article was published due to the staggered release schedule.

Before all that, Amazon Game Studios dropped a patch that was filled to the brim with fixes that should make the experience that much more enjoyable for potential new players and existing veterans alike.

The fixes ranged from early game levelling, such as the problem with Helvan the Navigator that could be rendered unbeatable due to a bug to endgame activities like the Castrum Principium Elite Zone which had bad spawn timers.

Players attempting to go into Brimstone Sands without the prerequisite quest often found themselves dying on the spot with no clue what went wrong. Tomash and Ghazi NPCs will now have additional dialogue that will inform players they need to complete A Selfless Nature quest before entering the hot zone.

Amazon Game Studios New World - Monarch's Bluffs Monarch's Bluffs plays a significant part in the improved early questing experience

On that note, players who ran into trouble trying to acquire the quest in the first place should be able to do it properly now, even if their characters are older ones that primarily had this issue.

Players who had trouble keeping the keg safe in the mutated version of Dynasty Shipyard should have an easier time now as the update increased the keg's health to account for the power of the mobs attacking it.

These are the highlights of the patch but if you want to go through the full notes, you can do so on the official New World website.


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