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LoL Esports: It seems G2 and Fnatic will swap players in preseason

Published: 03:19, 02 November 2022
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Lee Sin is always in a good spot when it comes to jungle

LEC's biggest rivals seem to be ready for another exchange of players as the preseason hype over transfers builds up.

League of Legends esports scene can be hectic at times but it is interesting at all times. Not to become the exception to the rule, the preseason of 2023 is already preparing a few bangers, even before things become official.

According to Wooloo's sources, which most often prove to be correct, G2 and Fnatic are preparing to swap players once again.

This doesn't mean an entire roster swap but a player from each team might change colours into those of the other, proving the two organisations once again have a rather lax relationship, despite their iconic rivalry.

It was not revealed which players are swapping places exactly but it's worth noting Jankos is no longer on G2 roster, which could mean Fnatic are able to acquire him. As for the opposite transfer, there is some speculation that Hylissang might join the samurai roster, although neither of these was explicitly hinted at by Woolo.

G2 Wunder recently got fined for playing WoW Classic during LEC G2 Wunder recently got fined for playing WoW Classic during LEC Wunder previously switched from G2 to Fnatic

In fact, the entire preseason transfer info dump was masked as a teaser puzzle with limited information on full rosters of each LEC 2023 team.

Those who deciphered the image posted by Wooloo have revealed around a half of the players' future destinations, or the ones they will keep with their current teams.

There were also rumours of Upset looking to change the team so it's quite possible Fnatic will be unrecognisable next season when compared to the team from 2022.


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