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New World passes 100,000 concurrent players after Fresh Start launch

Published: 16:10, 03 November 2022
Updated: 16:11, 03 November 2022
Amazon Game Studios
New World - Tempest's Heart
New World - Tempest's Heart

New World keeps gaining popularity after a series of well-received updates that have culminated in Fresh Start servers that offer a much better experience than we had at launch.

Fresh Start servers in New World are separated from the regular ones since players from older servers can't use transfer tokens to join a Fresh Start one.

Therefore, Amazon Game Studios created an environment where new players can enjoy the game from scratch, with all the good updates applied but without the long-lasting consequences of the series of bugs, exploits and glitches the game had at launch.

This proved to be a very good strategy by the devs as the game attracted even more players with Fresh Start and a streamer event than it did with the acclaimed Brimstone Sands update.

During the first day with the new servers up, New World reached 119,930 concurrent players, which has not happened since January of 2022, after three months of play count freefall that was caused by the terrible launch.

Amazon Game Studios New World - Brimstone Desert view New World - Brimstone Desert view

Unfortunately, most of the players who wanted to enjoy the Fresh Start servers have been stuck in massive queues where around 78,698 of them had to wait since the servers could only accommodate 25,372 others.

On top of the good reception of the Fresh Start servers, some of the biggest streamers are currently running in groups, trying to complete challenges AGS set for them in order to unlock Twitch Drops with free skins for everyone. 

Needless to say, this is garnering a lot of attention and New World is once again among the most-watched games on the streaming platform.


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