Minecraft Legends: How to increase resource caps

Published: 15:00, 18 April 2023
Minecraft Legends - Stone is capped. You don't want stone to be capped
Minecraft Legends - Stone is capped. You don't want stone to be capped

Minecraft Legends has a base and unit building aspect to it, which means you may need more resources than the game will initially let you have.

Mojang and Blackbird Interactive created Minecraft Legends in a different vein when compared to the original but there is still some building that needs doing in Overworld.

To that end, you need various resources like stone, wood, gold or prismarine. Unfortunately, there is a limited amount of these resources that you can carry at any given time.

Luckily, that cap can be moved up with the right improvements.

Visiting the Well of Fate in the middle of the map will allow you to build various upgrades, including the ones that raise resource caps. From there, you have multiple options - either build upgrades that increase a single resource's cap or build the Allay Storage which increases the caps for stone, wood, lapis, prismarine and gold at the same time.

Wood and stone get a 500 increase while the rest are up by 150.

Mojang Minecraft Legends - Well of Fate location Minecraft Legends - Well of Fate location

Naturally, the Allay Storage costs more than the singular resource cap raise upgrade but more importantly, it will also take more of the limited space which becomes progressively more precious as you build more around the Well.

In any case, the storage will set you back 100 stone, 100 prismarine and 10 gold, which is not expensive due to the massively increased caps but once again - keep an eye out for available space at the Well, it's easy to swarm it with improvements and then lack the space for the next one.


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