Jagged Alliance 3: How to find the Red Rabies plague cure

Published: 12:48, 18 July 2023
Updated: 12:58, 18 July 2023
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Jagged Alliance 3 - Get ready to assist Dr Kronenberg
Jagged Alliance 3 - Get ready to assist Dr Kronenberg

Did you wander into the Sanatorium and find some zombies there? Are you now on a timer? Well, here are a few things you can do to make sure you get the most out of that particular mission.

Jagged Alliance 3 has a rather complicated side mission that has players running around a quadrant of the map, trying to cure a plague that is ravaging Grand Chien.

If the player manages to find the cure, they will get an achievement and a better ending upon finishing the playthrough so let's get into the basics of what you need to do in order to avoid messing it up.

Dr Kronenberg is conducting horrific experiments in the Sanatorium and she needs your help to prevent the plague from spreading like wildfire.

After meeting the doctor, the players are presented with two initial choices - allowing her to keep up with the experiments or ordering her to stop immediately. She will then ask you to collect six samples of the Red Rabies virus.

If you chose the latter option, you will have less than 10 days to collect the samples while allowing her to keep experimenting doesn't impose a time limit on your party.

Now, if you are looking to collect the samples as quickly as possible, here is a map of all the sectors with samples.

Haemimont Games Jagged Alliance 3 - Red Rabies sample map Jagged Alliance 3 - Red Rabies sample map

Most are pretty straightforward and any medic will do the job but Twin Manors, Wetlands and Chalet de la Paix have a few quirks.

Twin Manors

In Twin Manors, you will either have to solve the murder mystery to persuade the doctor to give you the sample or bring someone with the Loner trait. In that case, the doctor will give you the sample immediately.

Haemimont Games Jagged Alliance 3 - Larry coming in clutch with the cranky doctor Jagged Alliance 3 - Larry coming in clutch with the cranky doctor

If you don't have the trait and have to solve the murders, you will need someone with high Medicine on your team in order to inspect the bodies of the victims on stage. Once you have those two clues, inspect each of the manors and loot them in the process. You will find traces of the poison used to kill one actor in one manor and 9mm hollow point bullets in the other.


You will need someone with a high Mechanics skill. There are plenty of hyenas that you would do well to clear out first. Once that's done, send the mechanic to open the box, loot the sample and prepare to fight five crocodiles. Good armour penetration and melee weapons are recommended here to avoid wasting a ton of ammo.

Chalet de la Paix

This one is probably the most challenging. It is highly recommended to train some militia in the place beforehand. The local doctor is not helpful so you can avoid talking to him entirely. Instead, you to Wilcox's room and inspect it to find the starting clue to his journal. 

Haemimont Games Jagged Alliance 3 - Entrance to Wilcox's cabin Jagged Alliance 3 - Entrance to Wilcox's cabin

After that, talk with Xavier at the docks, who will tell you their favourite hangouts were the docks and the bar.

Inspect the nearby clue and then head out to the bar to find one more clue. Finally, there is one clue near Wanda and at that point it's clear the journal is in the forest to the west. Visit the sector neighbouring Chalet to the west and look for the three brown statues.

Haemimont Games Jagged Alliance 3 - The three brown statues west of Chalet de la Paix Jagged Alliance 3 - The three brown statues west of Chalet de la Paix

Inspect the object in front of them, loot the journal and head back to Chalet. Talk to Wanda and she will tell you that one page is missing. At that point, you can talk with the Hog Lady, who will reveal the last page is in her hog made of a barrel. Interact with it and take the last page.

At that point, you have enough evidence to confront the funky doctor. When you show it and accuse him of infecting the whole village, he will summon some soldiers who will encircle you. If you have some militia buddies, they will be of great help.

Kill all the enemies, loot the doctor and finally you can inspect Wilcox's body to get the Red Rabies sample. You need 80+ Medical to be able to inspect it.

Back at the Sanatorium

If you forbade Kronenberg to continue experimenting and didn't bring the samples in a week or so, she will instantly turn into a zombie and won't synthesize a cure.

If you made it on time or didn't forbid further experimenting, she will synthesize a cure but will quickly figure out it's too late for her. She will turn into a zombie and you will still have to fight her but in this outcome, the cure is found, you will get the achievement and the ending slides will be more positive.

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