Hogwarts Legacy - How to reach Faculty Tower collection chest and field guide?

Published: 11:49, 09 February 2023
Hogwarts Legacy - This particular chest and field guide page are a bit harder to find, since they're well hidden
Hogwarts Legacy - This particular chest and field guide page are a bit harder to find, since they're well hidden

You may have noticed a collection chest found in Hogwarts Legacy's Faculty Tower in a room by the stairs heading towards the Hospital Wing. This chest appears on the map but it is well hidden so here's a guide to help you reach it.

Warner Bros. Games' Harry Potter RPG Hogwarts Legacy is jam-packed with optional content and items to collect so if you're one of those players who chase the platinum trophy, it may prove difficult to find certain items in the Castle. One such item, or shall we say items, are hidden in the Faculty Tower in the South Wing of Hogwarts Castle. 

You've probably already passed this particular room and didn't even notice that there's a chest and a field guide trophy there unless you use Revealio and look at your map all the time. 

So, if you're stuck on this chest and field guide page, here's how to get to both of these and add them to your collection. 

Faculty Tower hidden collection chest and field guide page walkthrough

We're gonna start at the Faculty Tower flame which is under The South Wing flag. From there, head straight and take the door on the right as you enter the next room, then go up the stairs until you see a door on the left. 

Open the door, extinguish the fire in the fire pit with Glacius spell and crawl through. Then go up the stairs to the room where you'll find the chest and a statue that need to be lit with a fire spell to unveil a field guide page. 

Here's a video, if you'd rather watch this entire guide:

You'll notice that our room is empty, well, that's because we already looted both items so they no longer show up in the room. If you're just getting there for the first time, you will see both items as soon as you enter the room. 

So that's how you reach these two collectables in The Faculty Tower. If this guide helped you feel free to check more Hogwarts Legacy content below:


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