Hogwarts Legacy - Hogwarts Clock Tower shutting doors puzzle solution

Published: 11:59, 08 February 2023
Updated: 15:13, 08 February 2023
Hogwarts Legacy: The clock tower puzzle solution
Hogwarts Legacy: The clock tower puzzle solution

In the Clock Tower part of Hogwarts Castle, you may come across the shutting doors with symbols on them. In this guide, we will show you how to unlock these doors.

When it comes to exploration, Warner Bros. ' new fantasy RPG Hogwarts Legacy is a real treat. This is especially true for Hogwarts Castle, the primary game's location, where you will undoubtedly spend a significant amount of time attempting to discover all of the secrets concealed in this fantastic game.

One such secret may be found in the south wing of Hogwarts Castle, specifically near the clock tower courtyard fast-travel point.

Once you arrive at this location, you will notice a massive clock pendulum flowing through the room. You'll also notice a door on the far left with iron bars and a sign on it. As you approach the door, the bars will begin to open and then swiftly shut. There are four such doors in this location, and we have a solution for you if you're wondering how to unlock them. And yes, once you unlock them all, it will count as one of Hogwarts Castle's secrets.

Here is how to unlock the shutting doors in the Clock Tower section

You must first master the Glacius spell before you may unlock these doors. If you don't already have this spell, simply complete the first set of Madam Kagawa's assignments, and she will teach it to you as a reward. Now that this condition is met, it's time to show you how to unlock these mysterious doors.

First and foremost, observe the sign on the door and the clock pendulum. On the pendulum's sliding course, you may see four different signs. When the pendulum reaches the sign that corresponds to the door you're attempting to open, use the Glacius spell rapidly to freeze it in place. The bars will be removed after the pendulum is frozen, and you will be allowed to pass through the door.

The reward for opening the ground-level door will be two collection chests and some loot.

Altchar Hogwarts Legacy: In order to open the bared doors in clock tower, you will need Hogwarts Legacy: In order to open the barred doors in the clock tower, you will need the Glacius spell

After collecting the loot, return to the clock tower courtyard and look for two closed doors on your left. Unlock the one on the left, climb the stairs, and exit through the first doorway. Go all the way to the right, where the next barred door awaits you. Again, notice the symbol and freeze the clock pendulum at the symbol's place.

Return to the door to collect the loot, but do not enter the chamber yet. Instead, use Disillusionment to make yourself invisible, because the chest inside is the one with the eye. If you want to find out how to unlock those chests, check out our guide .

AltChar Hogwarts Legacy: Freeze the clock thread in place to open the barred doors Hogwarts Legacy: Freeze the clock pendulum in place to open the barred doors

Return to the stairs and go to the next floor. The next barred chamber is just above the previous ones; however, the door has a different sign on it. Use the same method to freeze the pendulum in place and open the door once more. This area has some loot and one collectable chest.

The fourth and final barred door is halfway up the same stairway you used to get access to the previously closed doors. Remember the symbol once more, and this time you must exit the staircase to freeze the pendulum. After that, return to the now-unlocked door and get some loot inside.


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