Hogwarts Legacy: How to unlock the eye chests?

Published: 11:50, 06 February 2023
How to unlock the chests wit the big blue eye?
How to unlock the chests wit the big blue eye?

The white chests with the big, blue eye are a big enigma among the many collectibles in Hogwarts Legacy, as they are resistant to all your spells. This is how you get them unlocked.

Everything in Wizarding World appears to be alive. Paintings on the walls come to life; mushrooms leap in the wild; flowers sing; and even the ornamental armour sets inside the castle hum and greet you as you walk by. In this guide, we'll look precisely at something that shouldn't be alive but actually is: the chests with the eye on them. 

When playing Hogwats Legacy , you'll come across chests that, when approached, jump up and open a big eye that is located where the lock should be. You will also notice that these chests are resilient to all kinds of magic. Any spell you try will not work; the chest will remain closed. If you are wondering how to open these chests, don't worry; you are not the only one.

Hogwarts Legacy eye chests unlocking solution

Sometimes the answer is right in front of our faces, but we don't see it. Did you ask yourself: Why the big eye? The answer is, "to see you." And what can you do about that? Well, you are the wizard; make yourself invisible.

There are actually two ways to be invisible in Hogwarts Legacy: by casting a Disillusionment spell or by drinking the Invisibility potion.

What you want to do is break the line of sight of the chest or distance yourself far enough to become non-suspicious of it. The chest will then close its eye, and that will be the sign for you to make yourself invisible and approach the chest carefully. Once you are close enough, the content of the chest will be yours to pick. Every successfully looted eye chest will reward you with 500 coins.


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