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The Last of Us multiplayer pushed back as team size goes down

Published: 02:33, 27 May 2023
Naughty Dog
There is only bad news in The Last of Us
There is only bad news in The Last of Us

Naughty Dog's multiplayer division is far from sunshine and roses it seems as their project got delayed and the team cut.

Naughty Dog gained renown through multiple award-winning game series they pushed out but in the modern day, their narrative-driven survival horror, The Last of Us , is what gives them the most spotlight.

While most of it is good, there are controversies and negative showings as well, with one of the examples being the poor PC port of the first game and now it seems like a different part of the franchise is taking the controversy throne.

Namely, The Last of Us multiplayer project got delayed while the team was downsized.

The timing of the announcement from Naughty Dog's side is somewhat conspicuous as it came just before a report from Bloomberg where inside sources confirmed the game is having trouble.

Most importantly, the multiplayer project is not yet axed officially but apparently, only a small group remains to work on it while the company "reevaluates the direction".

Considering that it's been several years since the multiplayer portion was announced and we haven't seen anything yet, the news is hardly surprising but it does look like the studio wanted to keep it under wraps.

Naughty Dog also mentioned a new single-player experience , possibly as an attempt to redirect the fans' attention to something else.


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