Atomic Heart: The theatre locked door code location

Published: 16:35, 24 February 2023
Atomic Heart: Where to find the combination for the locked door in the theatre
Atomic Heart: Where to find the combination for the locked door in the theatre

The majority of locks in Atomic Heart can be picked using various methods. Some locks, however, will require a certain code combination to be found. In this guide, we will show you where to find a code for the door in the theatre.

For a first-person shooter, Atomic Heart features some serious puzzles and challenges you will have to overcome in order to progress through the story. Every now and then you will be forced to pick locks, solve laser puzzles, or find the codes for code-locked doors.

One such situation will be waiting for you in the theatre section of the game, where you will have to find a dead electrician holding the code combination for the locked door.

This section of the game can be very confusing due to the level design, the huge number of enemies, and the strong security measures. If you don't know where to find this electrician person, we are here to help you.

Where to find the code for the locked door in the theatre

Once you come across the code-locked door, the goal pointer will direct you to a nearby dead man, with whom you may engage in conversation and learn that the only person who knows the code for the locked door is an electrician.

After speaking with him, head downstairs and do a U-turn, following the white jelly spilt on the floor. Notice the red painting on the left wall and the bar on the right. Head through the hallway between the painting and the bar and climb the small, curvy stairs with some flowers. In the room you just entered from the curvy stairs will be the camera, if you haven't already disposed of it in the previous encounter, and the passage you want to go through will be just beneath it.

Shock the camera and enter the hallway via the door. At the end of the corridor, lockpick the door on your left and advance. A dead electrician is directly ahead of you under the picture, to the right of the lootable chest, and the code paper is near his right hand on the floor. Memorize the code and go back to the locked door to enter it. Two dots on top and one dot on the bottom is the correct code. If you didn't memorize it, check out the image below.

AltChar Atomic Heart: The theatre locked door combination Atomic Heart: The theatre locked door combination

Soon after you unlock this door and proceed further, another interesting puzzle, including four ballerinas, awaits you. If you find this part of the level too challenging for you, check out our guide on how to solve the ballerinas' killing recreation puzzle .


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