Atomic Heart: How to fill up the canister in the cold workshop

Published: 14:53, 21 February 2023
Updated: 13:30, 22 February 2023
Atomic Heart: How to easily obtain the canister from the cold workshop
Atomic Heart: How to easily obtain the canister from the cold workshop

To obtain the canister from the cold workshop in Atomic Heart, you will have to strategize a bit. If you're having trouble with this quest, consult our guide for assistance.

In order to revive the birch tree in the facility's lobby in Atomic Heart , you will have to find four canisters and install them into the base of the tree. This mission is very interesting and, at times, can be very challenging too.

The latest shooter from Mundfish can be a very challenging game, especially if you prefer to play on harder difficulties. Because this section of the game will introduce you to new bio-mutant enemies, stock up on ammo and healing capsules; you'll need them.

Also, if you want, you can check our guide on how to obtain the other canister found in the boiler room .

How to obtain the canister from the cold workshop

As soon as you solve a little puzzle involving cows, pigs, and chickens, the door will open, and you will find yourself inside a large hall with a bunch of huge fans installed on the ceiling. Up the stairs to the left of you will be a control room with the canister inside, waiting to be filled.

Solve the laser puzzle on the wall to power up the switch and hit it. The canister will begin to fill, but soon the process will be terminated by the whisps flying inside the fans. Quickly run outside and use your glove's shock attack to reset the fans. Keep in mind to move in circles to make the enemies follow you while waiting for the shock attack to cool down.

The best strategy here is to leave the enemies alone while resetting the fans, and make sure not to allow them to overwhelm you, for there will be a lot of them. 

AltChar Atomic Heart: The best strategy is to evade as much enemies as possible in this level Atomic Heart: The best strategy is to evade as many enemies as possible in this level

Once the fans are reset, make a run for the control room and hit the start button again. Now, quickly exit the room into an open space, because if they catch up to you and corner you, it will probably mean certain death and repetition of the entire process.

While you are inside the hall, try to kill as many whisps as you can to prevent them from entering the fans. Run towards the fan that glows red to reactivate it. Try to prevent three fans from being shut down at the same time. If that happens, you will have to reset the filling process again from the control room.

You will receive a notification from the computer once the canister is filled. Make your way to the control room, grab the canister, and proceed through the door.

However, if you prefer to deal with the enemies rather than avoid them, the best strategy is to wait for them on the top of the stairs and dispose of them with your shotgun. But no matter how many enemies you kill, after restarting the filling process, new ones will keep coming. 


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