Atomic Heart Polygon 12: access and puzzles solutions and walkthrough

Published: 13:51, 27 February 2023
Atomic Heart: Testing Ground 12
Atomic Heart: Testing Ground 12

Polygon 12 in Atomic Heart is the only testing ground that contains a boss fight. If you are having difficulties solving this polygon, feel free to check out the tips as well as a video walkthrough we've prepared for you. 

To solve Polygon 12 in Atomic Heart , the latest RPG shooter from Mundfish , you will have to wait a bit. This polygon will be accessible by the end of the game when you gain access to the bridge after the theatre section.

You will not have to finish the "Infirmary" mission, only to start it, as this will grant you access to the area where this testing ground is located.

Atomic Heart's testing grounds, or polygons, are regions where you may put your puzzle-solving talents to the test with magnetic puzzles, parkour sections, platforming skills, fight encounters, and more. The blueprints for numerous weapons and weapon upgrades that you may use on the weapon vendors scattered across the world of Atomic Heart will be your prize for completing these testing grounds.

We will present a few tips for finishing Polygon 12 in this guide, so if you are experiencing problems, feel free to reference our guide as well as the video walkthrough.

Polygon 12 assess and puzzle tips

To access the polygon entrance, you will have to first descend to the beach level, where you will encounter a couple of laborer robots, two cameras, and two sprout mothers. If you decide to fight them, it will take you a lot of time and resources, so the best way is to avoid this fight entirely.

Once you reach the testing ground, it is business as usual: some magnetic puzzles, and the first reward is yours. For the second reward, however, a serious fight awaits. NAT-256 Natasha robot will be the obstacle you must overcome in order to pass through the second part of Testing Ground 12, and this fight will not be an easy one. 

Other than Natasha, several really annoying owls will continually launch rockets at you, making your life impossible; therefore, we recommend lowering the difficulty here if you are not hunting for the difficulty-related trophy.

AltChar Atomic Heart: The fight with Natasha will not be an easy one Atomic Heart: The fight with Natasha will not be an easy one

The last part of polygon 12 will require some serious thinking to be done by combining magnetic puzzles with fire candles. If you are having a hard time solving this part of the polygon, consult our video guide. 

The rewards for completing Polygon 12 will be:

  • Bronze - KS-23 (thermal scope)
  • Silver - Kalash (electromagnetic stock), Fat Boy (revolver loading module)
  • Gold - Electro (energy vampire module), Pashtet (reflex blade)


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