Atomic Heart Testing ground 8 puzzles solutions and walkthrough

Published: 09:32, 24 February 2023
Atomic Heart: Testing Ground 8 tips an walkthrough
Atomic Heart: Testing Ground 8 tips an walkthrough

Polygon 8 will be one of the most difficult polygons in Atomic Heart, not because of the complexity of the puzzles, but because of a few of extremely difficult battle encounters. In this article, we'll show you how to easily complete polygon 8.

Atomic Heart is a bit of an open-world game; however, aside from the main storyline, there are no side missions. The only side content in Mundfish 's latest RPG shooter will be the dungeons dispersed all around its map.

These dungeons, or testing grounds, as they are known in Atomic Heart, will function as special levels full of puzzles, with the prize for completing them being blueprints for weapons and weapon upgrades.

Each dungeon is unique, but they all follow the same concept: complete one series of puzzles and you will be rewarded with a bronze chest; the next set of puzzles will reward you with a silver chest; and the last set of puzzles will reward you with a golden chest. Apart from the main chests, there will be others hidden within each dungeon, and they may contain blueprints for weapons you missed while playing the main story.

Testing Ground 8 will prove to be more challenging to complete. If you're having trouble beating this dungeon, check out our video walkthrough and tips on how to complete it without difficulties.

Tips for easily solving Polygon 8

This polygon, unlike the others, will not be available right away. To complete it, you must first wait for the mission "Bug in the System" to begin. After this mission begins, the entrance to the building where the testing ground elevator is located will be unlocked, and you will be able to access it whether the mission is finished or not.

Aside from traditional puzzle solving, this polygon will also include combat sequences, so stock up on ammunition before attempting this dungeon.

To solve the final puzzle in Testing Ground 8, you will need to use the fire candles, which must be placed in specific sockets, to power up some mechanisms, allowing you to progress through the dungeon. While disposing of those candles, be careful to place them on solid ground because if they roll away and go off the edge, they will just be respawned in the most recent socket, which can complicate things for you.

AltChar Atomic Heart: The golden chest contains the best rewards Atomic Heart: The golden chest contains the best rewards

Prepare for a tough fight after you finish the dungeon, as you will have to deal with two Belyash robots as well as some Owls who will constantly shoot rockets at you.

The rewards for completing Testing Ground 8 will be:

  • Bronze chest - Zvezdochksa (lower blade with reflex booster)
  • Silver chest - Fox (lightweight titanium blade),  Dominator (vortex transducer)
  • Gold chest - MP (revolver-type bolt frame), Swede (polymeric alloy extension)


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