Atomic Heart lockpicking guide: How to pick locks

Published: 17:09, 20 February 2023
Updated: 18:04, 20 February 2023
The lock-picking method in Atomic Heart is really unique
The lock-picking method in Atomic Heart is really unique

Atomic Heart features an unusual and unique, but also very complicated, lock-picking method. It might be difficult to make it work at times, so read our guide to ensure you do it correctly.

Atomic Heart is Mundfish' s latest RPG-style shooter, with a strong emphasis on exploring and gathering materials for the upgrades you'll sorely need to progress through the game.

Such resources will occasionally be hidden behind locked doors, and the game will teach you lock-picking techniques early on, allowing you to reach these regions with this ability. There are three different lock-picking styles on the lock doors, and each will require good reflexes and some thinking.

One requires you to rearrange the dots to match the colours on the lock, while the other is a traditional pin lock-pick, only in this case the pins are the little wires on your Char-les glove. Those are pretty straightforward and should not be too difficult to solve. However, the third and most frequent style will be a little harder to overcome. Since the game doesn't show you how to engage in lock-picking, we will.

How to pick locks in Atomic Heart

The locked doors in Atomic Heart are really hard to miss due to the massive lock mechanism mounted on them. When you interact with the door, the minigame featuring the pins and finger snapping will start.

The red light indicator will begin to rotate clockwise, stopping for a second at each pin, and you will need to snap your fingers to activate that pin. When the pin is activated, the light indicator begins to rotate counterclockwise at a faster rate. Snap your fingers again, but be careful not to snap them on an already engaged pin since this will deactivate it.

AltChar There are three different lock-picking styles in Atomic Heart There are three different lock-picking styles in Atomic Heart

Every newly activated pin will change the direction of the spin as well as its speed. Keep hitting the pins while avoiding already activated ones to finish the lock-picking process. Keep in mind that the lockpicking process is also time-limited, so apart from being extremely precise, you will also have to be very fast.

We have also included a video on how to successfully pick the lock in Atomic Heart, so check it out and see how we did it.


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