Atomic Heart: Ballerinas' killing recreation puzzle solution

Published: 08:03, 21 February 2023
Atomic Heart: The killing ballerina puzzle
Atomic Heart: The killing ballerina puzzle

During the mission "Petrov of Opera" in Atomic Heart, your goal will be to open the door to opera by recreating the ballerinas' killing scenes. Here is the solution to this puzzle.

Atomic Heart , the latest RPG-based shooter from Mundfish , is full of various puzzles you will have to solve, sometimes to earn valuable resources and sometimes to progress through the story.

One such puzzle will stand in your way near the end of the game, during the mission "Petrov of Opera," where your goal will be to find and apprehend the traitor called Petrov in the theater.

To enter the theater and continue the story, you must unlock the entrance, which is guarded by four different ballerina statues, each with four different poses. Your aim will be to position each statue correctly in order to unlock the door. Don't worry if you're having problems with this task. We are here to assist you with our guide.

Here is how to unlock the door in front of the theater

As soon as you enter the hallway with the statues of ballerinas, the strangled men hanging next to each ballerina and a canvas behind them with a reflector pointing at the ballerina and hanged man will catch your attention.

Each canvas has some blood patterns on it, and your goal is to place each ballerina such that the shadow on the canvas creates an artistic death scenario. Give Char-les an order to instruct the ballerina which pose to take, then check the canvas to see which one is correct. Note that the shadow on the canvas must seem like the ballerina performed her agile move to kill the man, and the blood must correspond to the exact point of impact.

If the pose you tried isn't the right one, simply tell Char-les to order a ballerina to change the pose. Do this with all four ballerina statues, and the door will open.

AltChar Atomic Heart: Blood patterns must match the points of impact Atomic Heart: Blood patterns must match the points of impact

It is generally known that Atomic Heart draws inspiration from the Bioshock games, and this small puzzle just adds to the pile of details and ideas taken from Bioshock. In the original Bioshock, there is almost a similar mission where you must recreate a masterpiece for the artist Sander Cohen by taking pictures of dead people. This mission's mood and style are incredibly similar to Cohen's mission from Bioshock.


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