Atomic Heart: Testing ground polygon 10 puzzles solution and walkthrough

Published: 15:16, 23 February 2023
Atomic Heart: Polygon 10 video walkthrough
Atomic Heart: Polygon 10 video walkthrough

In Atomic Heart, the polygons are the side content where you will complete a variety of puzzles in order to collect weapon and weapon upgrade blueprints. If you are having difficulties solving Polygon 10, here is our video walkthrough.

The dungeons known as "testing grounds" or "polygons" are a very interesting side activity in Atomic Heart that sometimes acts as a mental preparation full of puzzles to complete before the numerous robot and mutant encounters.

There are a total of twelve polygons; each polygon has three chests: bronze, silver, and golden, and each chest contains different blueprints for weapons and weapon upgrades.

The content of the dungeons ranges from solving puzzles to fighting robots, and each will be fairly difficult to solve. This guide will show you how to solve the puzzles in Polygon 10 quickly and simply.

Tips for solving Polygon 10 in Atomic Heart

To access the testing ground, first, locate the camera control tower known as Volan and use the camera closest to the dungeon's entrance to unlock it. When you find the correct camera, press R1, and the door will open.

This polygon requires the use of a polymeric jet, so if you haven't already, use the vendor machine near the beginning of the polygon to install it. Also, save frequently since there will be places in this polygon where you can miss the jumps and fall to your death. 

While using telekinesis to launch the candle to the sockets on the ceiling, be cautious not to launch it behind the crates, as this will cause it to become stuck, and because the previous entry point will be closed, the only way out will be to restart from the last checkpoint.

AltChar Atomic Heart: Each polygon will contain bronze, silver, and golden chest Atomic Heart: Each polygon will contain bronze, silver, and golden chest

One more thing: make sure to scan the area frequently to locate hidden chests. Although these chests are not required to complete the dungeon, they can contain useful loot, including weapon blueprints.

The rewards for successfully looting all the chests in Polygon 10 will be: 

  • Bronze chest - Kalash extended magazine
  • Silver chest - MP collimator
  • Golden chest - Fat Boy trap mine and Dominator high-intensity modulators


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