Atomic Heart: Lunar statue puzzle solution

Published: 13:00, 22 February 2023
Atomic Heart: where to find missing canisters for the lunar puzzle
Atomic Heart: where to find missing canisters for the lunar puzzle

The Lunar Statue Puzzle is one of the intriguing ones available to players in Atomic Heart. Check out our guide if you're having trouble finding the PlayStation symbol canisters.

Atomic Heart offers a surprising number of puzzles to solve for a game whose focus is mainly on good shooting action. The developers of this RPG-based shooter, Mundfish , made certain that you never have a dull time when playing Atomic Heart.

Whether you want a new weapon or a weapon upgrade, you will have to work hard at times, just like a true Soviet citizen, to get them. During the mission "She Sells Moustache on a Seashore," you will come across a lunar statue with three missing canisters on the second level of the great hall (the hall where you will be asked to retrieve Claire's missing body parts).

This will not be the first time you will encounter such a statue; earlier in the game, you will have to solve this kind of puzzle to progress further in the story. However, this one is optional and will not show you the locations of the missing canisters like the previous one. In this guide, we will show you how to solve this puzzle and unlock the blueprint for the Pashtet melee weapon.

How to solve the Lunar statue puzzle in Atomic Heart?

While standing in front of Claire, look up to your right, and you will see some red flowers near the railing on the second floor. This is where you must go. Once you reach the statue, turn around. The square canister is hidden among the red flowers you saw in front of Claire's body.

Now, go back to the statue and go left into the room with the two rotating greenhouses. Walk past the right one and follow the path to the right. The circle canister is held by a dead guy leaning on the wall near the window.

Proceed to the passage opposite the circle canister and follow the path upstairs to the chamber with the peaceful robot. The triangle canister is located near the robot, but be prepared, because once you take it, the room will be swarming with the flying robots, and the peaceful robot will become hostile as well. Deal with the robots and return to the lunar statue.

Install the canisters in the missing sockets, and the door on the right will open. Head inside and loot three chests; one of them will have a blueprint for Pashtet.

AltChar Atomic Heart: The lunar containers represent the PlayStation gamepad symbols Atomic Heart: The lunar containers represent the PlayStation gamepad symbols

Even though it is not mentioned in the game, those canisters' symbols are obviously the PlayStation Circle, Cross, Triangle, and Square symbols. It's probably nothing more than a classic Easter egg, although there's a potential that some extra explanation may be discovered in some forthcoming Atomic Heart content.


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