Atomic Heart Polygon 2 puzzles solutions and walkthrough

Published: 16:34, 24 February 2023
Atomic Heart: Testing Ground 2 - tips and walkthrough
Atomic Heart: Testing Ground 2 - tips and walkthrough

Testing Ground 2 in Atomic Heart will feature some serious platforming puzzles. To avoid any further frustrations, check out our video walkthrough as well as some tips on how to easily solve it.

The testing grounds, or polygons, in Atomic Heart , the latest RPG shooter from Mundfish , are special sections of the game where you will solve numerous puzzles and participate in challenging combat encounters to gain blueprints for weapons and weapon upgrades.

It is sometimes more difficult to gain access to these testing grounds than it is to solve them. Since every access point to the testing ground is in the open world, expect a robot infestation near each one.

The entrance to Polygon 2 will be swarming with robots, so make sure to be prepared for some serious encounters. Once again, if you are having problems solving this polygon's puzzles and challenges, consult our tips and video walkthrough.

Tips for easily solving Polygon 2 in Atomic Heart

Polygon 2 will be available if you unlock the door through the control tower, much like the rest of the polygons in Atomic Heart. The best approach to entering the polygon is to avoid fighting at all costs because Atomic Heart's alert system is incredibly harsh. Death is an almost certain outcome once the alert level reaches the maximum, regardless of the difficulty level you are playing at.

This polygon will feature a lot of parkour sections, so prepare for some serious frustrations because Atomic Heart is not a game with a flawless parkour system, and missed jumps will happen occasionally.

In the puzzle section, where activating the switch will bring the circular stairs up, do not go downstairs to check if there is something hidden. Only a bunch of lasers and certain death will be waiting for you; we tried so you don't have to.

AltChar Atomic Heart: Polygon 2 will feature some serious environmental puzzles Atomic Heart: Polygon 2 will feature some serious environmental puzzles

The rewards for collecting all the chests inside Polygon 2 will be:

  • Bronze - MP (electromagnetic polarizer)
  • Silver - KS-23 (supersonic vibrator)
  • Gold - Kalash (thermal scope), Snowball (blade)


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