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War Thunder barraged with negative reviews over predatory monetisation

Published: 16:51, 22 May 2023
Gaijin Entertainment
War Thunder faithfully recreates real-life tanks, like the M1A2 Abrams
War Thunder faithfully recreates real-life tanks, like the M1A2 Abrams

Visiting the War Thunder page on Steam might see some rather negative sentiments that were well-deserved.

War Thunder has seen a fair share of controversies over its lifespan and we are currently in a period that seems to be the boiling point for the players, who have taken to Steam to voice their frustrations.

The reason is Gaijin Entertainment 's direction in monetisation that led to a game where simply being on the subscription for the Premium service was no longer enough to properly progress through the unlocks.

While that is the main issue, there are several others that just made the game unbearable for those it was supposed to entertain.

Namely, Gaijin increased the required currency spending, mostly for repairing vehicles, to the point where it became unfeasible to maintain them without breaking the piggy bank.

The only solution that remained was to purchase premium tanks but even that has issues, other than paying with real money. People now often enter a match, often with premium vehicles and leave if they get killed.

Simply put, the repair costs rose so much that players would rather cease playing than deal with that headache but that is not where the problems stop.

Being a multiplayer, team-based game, War Thunder will leave an entire group of people at a disadvantage as soon as one quits the game, ruining the matchmaking, balancing and fun factor in one fell swoop.

Long story short, the devs pushed the boundaries of greed at the expense of the players, literally. The players are now retaliating with Overwhelmingly Negative reviews on Steam. At this point, it's not even review bombing, it's just honest reviews about a horrible experience.


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