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War Thunder celebrates fourth of July with all-American planes and an event

Published: 01:34, 05 July 2022
Gaijin Entertainment
War Thunder
War Thunder

Gaijin Entertainment announced the goodies the players can expect in War Thunder in celebration of the US Independence Day.

All the way back in 1776, former British colonies in North America decided they would get themselves a nice star-spangled flag, toss a bunch of tea into the ocean and create a new country for themselves instead of paying taxes to a distant one in Europe. 

In celebration of this event, Gaijin Entertainment prepared a few themed goodies for War Thunder players, such as the brief mission that awards the US independence decal. You will need to play three battles using American vehicles, rank III or higher in order to unlock it. Furthermore, you will need activity of 70 per cent or more so no AFK farming.

Besides the objective to acquire the decal, Gaijin Store will feature two of the rare packs with themed aeroplanes. Sabre Skyblazers Pack will provide access to F-86F-35, an iconic jet plane that gained fame throughout the Korean War where it clashed with MiG-15, which was the Soviet pride in the air at the time.

P-38K Pack will provide access to the titular plane, which is not a jet but it is iconic in a different way. Used as a multi-role aerial vessel, it is probably most famous for capturing most of the footage over Europe during WW2, thanks to its recon capabilities.

Gaijin Entertainment War Thunder - P38K War Thunder - P38K

The store offerings and the decal mission will stay in the game from July 4th (11:00 GMT) until July 11th (11:00 GMT).

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