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War Thunder offers a sneak peek at the upcoming ship - USC Barker

Published: 10:45, 27 June 2018
Gaijin Entertainment
A picture of the USS Barker, a new ship that's coming to War Thunder
War Thunder - USS Barker

Gaijin Entertainment have shared another development update, this time concerning a new ship that's in development for the Fleets. The ship in question is USS Barker, a destroyer that will be an available to closed beta participants.

USS Barker is American in origin and it belongs to the Clemson-class destroyer category. It is described as a ship of rather small size and therefore high speed. The size didn't prevent the Americans from outfitting the ship with deadly armaments though, so it will be able to both hunt the smaller vessels and support larger ships in battle.

The official description states that the ship will be in the third rank of American naval tree, and will be a bit weaker than the Fletcher-class destroyers. On the flip side, the ship's small size and high speed will make it more manoeuvrable. Top speed for the ship will be 56 km/h and coupled with high manoeuvrability should be enough to outflank the more powerful vessels.

USS Barker's armaments will include four fast firing single batteries of 102mm cannons that are spread all over the ship's length, resulting in better shooting angles but inability to fire all four of them at the same target. The ship also has two batteries of 20mm anti aircraft cannons and one 76,2mm cannon at the stern of the ship for protection against aerial assaults.

It was originally laid down in April 1919, as a part of the second production batch of the Clemson-class destroyers. The ship was completed by September the same year and entered the service in US Navy in December 1919. USS Barker cruised the Mediterranean Sea between the two World Wars, visiting Turkish and Middle Eastern ports in the process and eventually joining Asiatic Fleet in 1920s.

Gaijin Entertainment A picture of the USS Barker, a new ship that's coming to War Thunder War Thunder - USS Barker

With the Asiatic Fleet, the ship cruised Asiatic waters and performed patrols off the coast of Nicaragua until it went to visit European ports in the late 1920s. As World War 2 commenced, USS Barker was kept in the Asian theatre until 1941 until USA officially entered World War 2 after the Pearl Harbor attack.

Gaijin Entertainment mentioned that the ship may not look like an attractive first choice for players but urged them to give the ship a try since it may surprise them with high performance. 

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