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XM-1 tanks are coming to War Thunder along with Xbox One version

Published: 15:49, 23 May 2018
Gaijin Entertainment
Screenshot of an XM-1 Chrysler tank in War Thunder
War Thunder - XM-1 Chrysler

Two new premium rank V tanks will join the roster of War Thunder soon. Both tanks are versions of XM-1 predecessors of the iconic M1 Abrams. The two variants are Chrysler and General Motors, with the Chrysler being an Xbox One exclusive.

War Thunder is coming to Xbox One soon and two of the tanks joining the roster are actually more like the same tank, the XM-1. These two variants do have some minor differences, aside from different manufacturers. The info on War Thunder's official site is somewhat convoluted, so we will try to clarify the similarities and differences between the Chrysler and General Motors versions.

Both tanks are premium rank V tanks with composite armour and side skirts. The XM-1's armour is weaker than that of the M1 Abrambs but still provides decent protection against any type of ammo at top ranks.

The main armament of the XM-1 is a 105 mm rifled M68 Cannon, which is also used by M60 RISE and M1 Abrams, so players are likely familiar with it by now. The M68 Cannon comes with 55 shots in XM-1 tanks and they have quite a few different shells to choose from. Fin-stabilised armour piercing shells with discarding sabot, HESH, HEAT-FS rounds and smoke shells.

Now the differences start. While the Chrysler tank uses a gas-turbine and General Motors one uses a diesel engine, they both feature 1500 horsepower engines that can propel the tank to speeds up to 75 km/h. This part is somewhat badly explained on War Thunder site, and while it implies both tanks can reach 75 km/h, it also says that the General Motors version has slightly higher suspension and top speed. There is a mention of the XM-1 reaching top speed rather quickly, but it's unclear whether Gaijin Entertainment meant both versions or just the Chrysler one. You can try to decipher it further .

Gaijin Entertainment Screenshot from War Thunder showing the new XM-1 General Motors tank War Thunder: XM-1 General Motors

Now, General Motors' version will be available on all platforms, while the Chrysler one will be available only on Xbox One. This has already sprinkled some gasoline on the fire that normally happens when a platform exclusive is announced and players are already complaining both on the official site linked above and on reddit.

This issue is not going to be helped by the fact that cross-play functionality already exists between PC and PS4, which likely means there will also be cross-play between PC and Xbox One, leaving the PC player base at somewhat of a disadvantage since they can't get their hands on the Chrysler XM-1.

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