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The Lords of the Fallen devs explain the confusing naming

Published: 13:22, 02 February 2023
Updated: 13:54, 02 February 2023
The Lords of the Fallen
The Lords of the Fallen

Have you ever wondered why the two Lords of the Fallen games are named almost identically? Well, the developers are ready to put our minds at ease.

Lords of the Fallen is a 2014 Soulslike that had some strong points but the camera shake that couldn't be turned off alienated most of the players on the account of making them nauseous.

Meanwhile, The Lords of the Fallen is the upcoming loose sequel to the game, set to release in 2023, so if you were wondering why people are suddenly talking about a somewhat obscure Soulslike from almost a decade ago, you have your answer - it's about the sequel.

So how did CI Games decide to go for this confusing nomenclature? It turns out movies are to blame.

In an interview with EDGE magazine, senior brand manager Ryan Hill noted that putting a number on Lords of the Fallen would give players the impression this is a direct sequel to the original game and the team followed the lead of the movies like The Wolverine, The Batman and The Suicide Squad.

Hexworks The Lords of the Fallen The Lords of the Fallen

Mp1st , who caught the section above, also pointed out that Saul Gascon, executive producer at HexWorks, said The Lords of the Fallen is only loosely connected to the events of the first game through the main antagonist, the daemonic deity Adyr.

The Lords of the Fallen is supposed to be a comprehensive upgrade of the original game so let's hope this involves a fix to the true antagonist in Lords of the Fallen - the aforementioned camera shake.

The Lords of the Fallen screenshots from early 2023

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A man with an axe running through a forest in SCUM
The Lords of the Fallen


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