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Lost Ark is getting the Artist class sooner than expected

Published: 02:44, 01 February 2023
Lost Ark - Artist
Lost Ark - Artist

Lost Ark has announced the new advanced class is coming sooner than expected while also highlighting February 2023 additions.

Smilegate and Amazon Game Studios announced that the Anniversary Celebration update is coming next week, on February 8, 2023.

The celebration is tied to Lost Ark 's launch in the West, making it the first in-game birthday for numerous players. 

While it's a significant day on the calendar for the game, the actual celebration was a footnote in the blog post, only stating that new events with valuable rewards and Twitch Drops would happen, with more info revealed the next week.

What took the main stage of the announcement are the new area and advanced class. In the case of the advanced class, the Artist was initially scheduled to release in April 2023 but it appears the dev teams exceeded expectations so the class will become available at some point during March 2023.

Before that happens, Rowen is the new continent that will arrive and send players into more PvP than ever due to the faction system it revolves around. 

Smilegate Lost Ark Lost Ark - New lands

The combat will be mostly manifested through faction battles but open-world PvP can be enabled too. Ranks for the factions will be divided into 15 tiers. Players can progress them by killing members of the opposing faction, completing daily, weekly and co-op quests and so on.

Item Level of 1445 will be required to kick off Rowen's world quest when it launches on February 8.


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