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Blizzard seems clueless with Overwatch 2 matchmaking issues

Published: 02:26, 01 February 2023
In a lengthy blog post, Blizzard responded to many player concerns
In a lengthy blog post, Blizzard responded to many player concerns

Blizzard has acknowledged some of the issues their hero shooter is facing but it doesn't really seem like they have the matter well in hand.

Overwatch 2 has been plagued with problems ever since its launch but it doesn't appear the end of the game's troubles is on the horizon just yet.

In a recent blog post, Blizzard stated they are aware of the ranked woes in the game but their proposed solutions seem to be a far cry from ideal.

One of the issues manifested itself in the opaque information that is presented to the players.

For example, the rank players see in the menu doesn't reflect their true placement more often than it does and they are now trying to put out the fire by updating it more frequently - every five wins or 15 losses, down from seven and 20, respectively. 

It's hard to imagine what the purpose of having this information is at all if it's not going to show changes after every match but Blizzard isn't willing to let go of this futile attempt to fight toxicity so players will still be stuck with useless and outdated information about their rank.

Blizzard Console players frustrated after Blizzard disabled aim assist Spend an entire match chasing kills or try to play for the objective - your rank gain or loss will be the same

In a similar fashion, Blizzard is no longer considering individual performance when calculating rank gains. Number of eliminations, damage dealt, healing provided, time at the objective - none of it matters and the apparent reason is that they "don't want players to be focused on doing things other than trying to focus on the objectives and win the match". God forbid a healer focused on keeping their teammates topped off or someone stayed on the payload instead of chasing the action.

Overwatch 2's current state is fairly bleak and the direction behind the scenes doesn't hint at any significant improvements, any time soon. 


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