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Star Wars: KOTOR remake development will be handled by Saber Interactive

Published: 12:10, 23 August 2022
Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic

One of the most beloved Star Wars games is getting a remake at some point in future but it's highly uncertain when since the development studio was shifted recently.

Rumours, and eventually news of Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic remake had made just about every fan happy since this is one of the best ways to immerse yourself in the universe, the game having been developed by old-school BioWare and all.

The development of the remake was entrusted to Aspyr Media initially but following Embracer Group's displeasure over the game's quality issues. Additionally, it is hinted that Disney and Sony were not happy with how it was going either, eventually leading to development being handed over to a different studio.

Rumours of the studio switch were circulating for a while now but Bloomberg was able to confirm that the shift indeed happened and the new dev studio will be Saber Interactive.

Embracer stated that the development switch shouldn't cause "any material delays" but we all know that is easier said than done when a studio switch happens mid-development.

With that in mind, it is highly likely the game will miss the 2023 release window which would have meant it was getting released exactly two decades after the original.

Knights of the Old Republic II Knights of the Old Republic II

That said, the game didn't have a release window to begin with so it will be hard to gauge whether a delay ever happened.

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