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Some Grandmasters will now guarantee an Adept weapon in Destiny 2

Published: 12:43, 08 October 2021
Destiny 2 - Nightfall weapons
Destiny 2 - Nightfall weapons

Bungie is coming up with additional ways to make Grandmaster Nightfalls less soul-crushing and one of them means Destiny 2 players can at least get the featured weapon.

It's all good news for Grandmaster farmers in Destiny 2 this week. Players will get more Adept weapons, The Corrupted GM will be less of a headache and The Hallowed Lair is completely gone.

First, when the update kicks in on October 12, the Adept weapons will have a 100 per cent drop rate in case a team completes a GM with Platinum rewards. While the perk pool of the Adept weapons can still mean the guns are not as potent as they could be, at least you won't go to complete some of the most challenging PvE content only to come away with absolutely nothing.

Meanwhile, The Corrupted will become easier to deal with since Sedia will no longer bonk people into oblivion as the Nightfall modifier bonus to her ability will be halved. In a change that is probably more important, the Unstoppable Phalanx champion is getting removed from the Ransack Ogre encounter, making it harder to miss one of the powered-up enemies for the Platinum run. 

Finally, there is the matter of The Hallowed Lair. Basically, no one likes this thing, be it a regular playlist strike run or a Nightfall farm. It's getting removed but it will happen at a later date when The Witch Queen launches as Forsaken content is getting vaulted .

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Players will earn the Tirastrella Ghost Shell after completing 5 Crucible matches and visiting Lord Shaxx in the Tower.
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So long Fanatic, no one will miss you.

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