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Rainbow Six Siege gets creative with cheater punishment

Published: 05:59, 19 February 2023
Rainbow Six Siege - Y8S1 teaser
Rainbow Six Siege - Y8S1 teaser

Cheaters deserve to be punished but it doesn't necessarily mean they need to get banned, or at least that's what the latest theory is.

Ubisoft is testing out alternative methods of punishing console cheaters in Rainbow Six Siege and they will be implemented in Y8S1, Operation Commanding Force.

For those not in the loop, cheaters on consoles tend to use input spoofers which allow them to use keyboard and mouse to gain an unfair advantage, without the devs noticing it.

That is what they hoped for but the joke is about to be on them.

Ubisoft apparently shadow-dropped an anti-cheat measure called Mousetrap a few seasons ago and it has only been collecting data thus far without dishing out any punishment.

This was done to make sure it will be only the cheaters who get punished and not regular players. Now that the devs have enough data, they will start punishing offenders when Y8S1 kicks off.

The punishment in question will not be a ban of any sort. Instead, the more the cheaters use a mouse and keyboard the more latency they will get. Considering that lag is one of the most infuriating things you can experience in a game that requires quick reactions, it is a wonder no one thought of this before.

Ubisoft will also give them the opportunity for rehabilitation. As the cheaters forego spoofers and start using proper input methods again, the latency will gradually decrease until the point where they are back to normal settings.

The devs also noted this could theoretically affect disabled gamers who utilise custom input methods and this is not the goal of the anti-cheat measures. In order to combat the negative effects of the change, the players in question can scan a QR code in-game and get in touch with the devs to hash it out properly and make the anti-cheat more precise.


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