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Firaxis confirm Civilization 7 is in development

Published: 22:57, 18 February 2023
2K Games
Civilization VI, Vietnam and Kublai Khan DLC
Civilization VI, Vietnam and Kublai Khan DLC

Have you been itching for another 4X by Firaxis Games? Well, you are in luck.

Civilization VI came out in 2016, meaning the fans have been going on for seven years without a new instalment but that will change somewhat soon.

After 2K spilt the beans , Firaxis hurried up to officially announce that Civilization VII will be the focus of their efforts which may mean the game is around the corner or coming out in a couple of years.

Looking back at the era around the release of XCOM 2 , Civ fans might have reason to be optimistic even in the short term.

Namely, Civ VI released just six months after the second foray into the human-alien conflict on Earth. With no new XCOM planned for now and Midnight Suns having been launched at the end of 2022, it is not impossible that Civ VII would come out at some point in 2023 or early 2024.

A nuclear armed Gandhi in Civilization Can't wait for the Nuclear Gandhi meme revival

That said, Firaxis didn't say anything about the release window in an official capacity as the announcement consisted of a tweet that the new game is coming and a memetic response about the source of the news .

In any case, Civ fans will have to drag out their adventures in the sixth mainstay release for a little longer but the marketing campaign for Civ VII is likely very close for those periodic hype injections until release.


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