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Rainbow Six Siege officially reveals Brava, the new operator

Published: 23:52, 18 February 2023
Rainbow Six Siege - Brava
Rainbow Six Siege - Brava

Rainbow Six Siege has officially revealed the new season which includes the new operator, Brava.

Ubisoft revealed that Brava will be the third Brazilian operator in Rainbow Six Siege , although she will be more closely connected to Hibana apparently, who is the leader of the sub-team the saboteur will join.

She also hails from DPF rather than BOPE so other than nationality she doesn't share all that much connection with Caveira but she is an actual blood relative of Capitao.

Gameplay-wise, Brava is a three-speed, one-armour Attacker that employs a Kludge drone that can take control of Defender gadgets and overheat them, which causes their destruction. In other words, she is great at peeling back the layers of defence a team might set up and stealing Kapkan traps might get especially hilarious.

Brava's primary weapons include Para-308 and CAMRS, giving her options between an assault rifle and DMR - one excelling at combat itself and the other at creating sight lines and ruining walls.

In the way of secondary weapons, Brava has access to Super Shorty and USP 40. The Shorty should prove especially useful as it will allow her to send drone through additional holes on the map.

Claymores and Smoke Grenades will be the general gadgets of choice for the Y8S1 operator, providing more control over the map in different scenarios.


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