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Rainbow Six Siege banned over 30,000 cheaters in three months

Published: 01:57, 12 May 2023
Sens planning the extraction of the Architect
Sens planning the extraction of the Architect

Ubisoft announced another milestone for the anti-cheat team that also reported their progress over the past three months.

Cheaters ruin games wherever they go and in the past few years, Ubisoft decided they've had their fun and cranked the anti-cheat efforts to 11 in Rainbow Six Siege .

They previously showed impressive reports about banning and trapping the cheaters and now it's time for another highlight.

Over the course of the first three months of 2023, the combined efforts of automated detection and automated detection with additional data yielded over 30,000 cheater bans.

The devs noted that many of these bans wouldn't be possible without the help of the players themselves, especially those who carefully chose who to report instead of just spamming it on everyone better than them.

Additionally, it is possible to report cheaters on social media but it's highly encouraged that you provide the following details:

  • Clear video or photo proof of the incident
  • The offending player's Username, 
  • UserID, or Privacy Mode Nickname
  • Match ID for any relevant matches
  • Date and time of the incident

Ubisoft Rainbow Six Siege - Brava Rainbow Six Siege - Brava has had it with your gadgets, let alone cheats

With these details, the devs can continue to monitor and catch further offenders, whose numbers should probably dwindle drastically, following a series of crackdowns.

There is just something heartwarming about cheaters getting spanked, a feeling that is outdone only when cheat makers themselves get punished.


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