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PUBG gets clans with the latest update

Published: 14:00, 11 May 2023
PUBG - Clan system has arrived finally
PUBG - Clan system has arrived finally

PUBG has received a fairly robust clan system but it has to be pointed out that it took a long while to get one in the first place.

Krafton announced that PUBG has a clan system, as of update 23.2, which is a good thing. After all, having a feature is better than not. However, the game is five years into its lifespan which begs the question of why clans weren't added before.

At least the system seems pretty deep. It starts off with the usual - a person creates a clan and becomes the Clan Master, with the process costing them 15,000 BP.

The member cap is 100 and the CM can promote anyone to their position, at which point they get get demoted to General Member instead.

General Member has no permissions other than to leave the clan. Between those two roles is the Manager, who is basically an officer.

Clans can progress up to level 20, and clan experience is earned through general gameplay. CM can change the clan's name and tag, with the cost of 990 RP for doing so.

Krafton PUBG - FAMAS showcase PUBG - FAMAS showcase

Playing with clanmates will earn the participants and extra 30 per cent BP which is a significant boost, especially because the roster can be so large, allowing people to team up easier.

Each clan has its own chat for the members to socialise and if you are looking to get into one, there is the main menu option to search for a clan.


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