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Potential GTA 6 codename leaks via voice actress resume

Published: 08:24, 18 July 2022
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Grand Theft Auto 6 could be codenamed Fireball

Another GTA 6 clue? Voice actress Natonia Monet's resume recently included a videogame by Rockstar Games, codenamed Fireball.

We might have another  Grand Theft Auto 6 detail courtesy of voice actress Natonia Monet , who may have been cast to play one of the female characters in Rockstar Games' upcoming blockbuster. 

Eagled-eyed GTA fans have spotted a small detail in Natonia's resume, which reveals a certain video game from Rockstar codenamed Fireball. The resume also mentions that Monet's character in the game is named Tamara. 

Shortly after the fans discovered this tiny detail in the resume, Monet or her representatives removed any evidence of this project so the most recent resume version does not mention any video game projects. 

Below, you can check the resume on July 15, which mentions the game and the updated one without the Rockstar video game reference. 

Reddit Monet's resume was quickly updated to remove the potential GTA 6 reference Monet's resume was quickly updated to remove the potential GTA 6 reference

Before you dive into the conspiracy theories surrounding the codename, we have to break it to you that working codenames for video games rarely mean anything. 

For example, GTA 4 codename was ICE and GTA 5 was codenamed Firestorm. Both don't give away much about the games, don't they?

Fireball could mean many things, from the actual ball of fire to the Fireball whiskey or Fireball cocktail. It's probably just a catchy name with some small meaning for the actual game and nothing more. 

As for Monet's character, it could be anyone really. From minor side characters that players meet only one or two times in the game, like Debra or Franklin's aunt Denise in GTA V to someone that often appears throughout the story. We assume it's the former since this will be the actress' first video game gig judging by her resume. 

Monet previously appeared in TV series like The Last O.G, Netflix's Manifest and Amazon's Z: The Begining of Everything.

AltChar GTA 6 mockup showing gta logo on pink background GTA 6 will reportedly be set across several locations and one of them is Miami

Grand Theft Auto 6 is currently well in development according to Rockstar. There is no release date just yet but the game is rumoured to be coming in 2024/2025. We expect it to launch on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S as well as PC later on.

According to rumours, GTA 6's main setting will be modern-day Miami . The game will reportedly have two main characters and for the first time, it will feature a female character. 


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