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GTA VI leak: Two protagonists, evolving map, coming to PS5 and XSX in 2025

Published: 08:37, 28 June 2021

Industry insider Tom Henderson has shared a couple of new details about GTA VI in his latest video, including a release date prediction. He stated that the game probably won't be coming before 2025.

Even though Rockstar are yet to officially announce the next instalment in their popular Grand Theft Auto series, we all know that the game is currently in development and should release in the coming years. A couple of leaks revealed some details about the setting and plot, including the info regarding the female protagonist and Narcos inspiration.

However, plenty of these have already been debunked so you should definitely take everything your read about GTA VI with a grain of salt, including the following rumour from industry insider Tom Henderson, the leaker who accurately revealed a ton of details about Battlefield 6 and Call of Duty games.

He released a brand new video where he talks about GTA VI and everything he heard about the game. Henderson states that GTA VI probably won't be coming before 2025. 

Here's the summary of his latest video.

  • The game is set in the modern-day as Rockstar wants to be able to have much as freedom as they can in GTA Online DLCs.
  • The map will include Vice City and will evolve/expand over time with new and changing locations
  • GTA VI is still in the very early stages of development
  • Two protagonists
  • One protagonist is a female responsible for tech stuff like hacking
  • The release date is around 2045/2025
  • PS4, Xbox Series X|S and PC only, no PS4 and Xbox One versions

This may not be much, but it's still quite interesting since it gives us a perspective on the scope of the game, which seems to be quite massive, as expected.

The part about the evolving map got us excited but of course, this is not been confirmed yet so a dose of scepticism is required.

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