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Sources: GTA VI to feature parodies of Elon Musk and Donald Trump

Published: 13:09, 15 March 2022
If GTA VI had a loading screen with Trump and Musk
If GTA VI had a loading screen with Trump and Musk

Parody characters of Elon Musk and Donald Trump are set to appear in Grand Theft Auto VI, Rockstar's next major title, according to our sources. 

Rockstar's next big thing, Grand Theft Auto VI will feature an entrepreneur character reminiscent of SpaceX and Tesla owner Elon Musk as well as a nonsensical politician akin to the former president of the United States Donald Trump, according to AltChar sources. 

Both will have an indirect appearance in the game's story, similar to how Jay Norris, CEO of the in-game social media website Lifeinvader appeared in the "Friend Request" mission as a parody of Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg and late Apple co-founder Steve Jobs. 

Insider sources claim that Musk's character features prominently in the game while Trump-like celebrity-come-politician will also make an appearance, promising to "Make 'Vice City' Great Again".

GTA V - Jay Norris was a parody character for Mark Zuckenberg GTA V - Jay Norris was a parody character for Mark Zuckenberg

Also, the game will parody metaverse and have some sort of bitcoin/cryptocurrency that players will be able to earn, which has been reported before by insider Tom Henderson.  

Additionally, the GTA VI team is looking to take a swipe at non-fungible tokens (NFTs), likely allowing players to purchase ridiculous NFTs. Saying that, ridiculous real-life NFTs may leave them little room to make it obviously more ridiculous.

As always with unofficial information, please take this with a dose of scepticism since things can quite often change during game development and it's entirely possible that Rockstar drop some of these ideas in the end. 

Grand Theft Auto has been known for its quality satire and parody throughout the series but such writing peaked with Grand Theft Auto V, which featured a full slate of parody radio stations mocking the over-the-top ads and shows, social media websites like Bleeter (Twitter) and Lifeinvader (Facebook), and Fruit smartphone company, which is the game's Apple equivalent.


Rockstar GTA V screenshot showing robbers GTA V

Since a lot changed since GTA V was released and we live in pretty crazy times now, it's safe to assume that Grand Theft Auto VI writers won't lack quality, real-life material for their iconic parodies. 

Grand Theft Auto VI development has been confirmed to be well underway . The game is rumoured to be set in modern-day Vice City with an evolving map and two protagonists. The rumoured release date is late 2024.

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