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Crimson Desert is almost done; Pearl Abyss say they are preparing marketing and gameplay

Published: 09:10, 05 May 2023
Pearl Abyss
After a long wait, Crimson Desert could finally be hitting the shelves sometime this year
After a long wait, Crimson Desert could finally be hitting the shelves sometime this year

Pearl Abyss say their stunning action-adventure Crimson Desert has shown remarkable development achievement since last summer.

Korean publisher Pearl Abyss recently hosted a Q4 2022 FY earnings conference call where they shared a couple of very exciting tidbits about their highly anticipated open-world action adventure called Crimson Desert .

The publisher stated that since the summer of 2022, the development team behind Crimson Desert has made "remarkable development achievement" and that they are have been conducting gameplay demos and marketing to their partners as they're preparing for the official launch.

Later in the conference call, Pearl Abyss specifically stated that they still aim to complete the development of Crimson Desert in the second half of 2023, promising that the development team are doing their best to make Crimson Desert a quality product that gamers deserve.

Pearl Abyss also added that they have received many proposals from partners for Crimson Desert marketing so they will internally consider their best option in order to reach as many players as possible. 

Since Pearl Abyss are currently in the process of preparing gameplay demos, it's possible that we finally see more of Crimson Desert this summer, perhaps at one of the big Games Showcases like the rumoured PlayStation event, the confirmed Xbox Showcase or Summer Games Fest. 

Pearl Abyss Crimson Desert was planned for release in 2021 but Pearl Abyss delayed the game indefinietly Pearl Abyss are still targeting the second half of 2023 for Crimson Desert release date

So there you have it, Crimson Desert fans. 2023 could be the year where we see more of the game and finally get to play it. 

As you may know, Crimson Desert was supposed to launch back in 2021 but has been delayed a couple of times by Pearl Abyss which is not surprising given that the frame-rate looked really rough in the gameplay trailers. 

Crimson Desert is coming to PC and consoles. 


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