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Crimson Desert devs talk endgame content, gameplay, open world and combat

Published: 09:06, 09 February 2021
Pearl Abyss
Crimson Desert screenshot showing a warrior walking in the streets
Crimson Desert

In the latest interview with PlayStation Magazine UK, Crimson Desert devs have revealed more interesting details about their highly-anticipated action game.

Crimson Desert, Pearl Abyss' brand new action game which is set to release sometime later this year is certainly one of the most-anticipated games of 2021, at least for those who enjoyed Black Desert and the studio's other titles.

And since the game is coming out soon, the devs have sat with PlayStation Magazine UK to talk about everything that players can expect to see and experience in their upcoming release. 


When asked about the shift from an MMO to an open-world action game, Daeil Kim, executive producer and founder replied that they wanted to offer players several modes of gameplay. That's why the game will include "action-adventure mode" and "co-op mode".

"We designed the game so that players who’ve been engaged in multiplayer play can switch to single-player play and take a break from the more competitive aspects of the game. The game has also been designed to allow players looking for an interactive gameplay experience to switch from single-player play to multiplayer play," Kim explained.

Crimson Desert screenshot showing sunset Crimson Desert


HwanKyoung Jung, co-producer of the game says that there's likely going to be plenty of story-related content to play even when a player completes the story of MacDuff. There's also the multiplayer aspect of Crimson Desert that will hopefully extend the life of the game.

"We can tell you that there’s likely going to be plenty of story-related content to play even after a player finishes MacDuff’s story. In other words, a player can expect to find plenty to do in the game before they succeed in clearing all in-game objectives. There’s also the element of multiplayer play that should be taken into account. Multiplayer mode will give players the chance to shape their own in-game narratives as they explore the world with their friends," he said.


Interestingly, the devs wanted to create a world with many cultures including Viking and nordic. They also took a keen interest in European history meaning that the game will feel natural to a Western audience. 

"We especially took an interest in creating a game that came natural to a Western audience. In doing so, we incorporated a number of medieval European myths and cultural motifs into the game and made an effort to rigorously fact check certain facets of European culture we thought were important for the game. As a result, we created something unique in Crimson Desert," the devs explained.

Pearl Abyss Crimson Desert screenshot showing a man in black armour Crimson Desert or Game of Thrones?


Players will be happy to hear that the combat system will be more advanced than Black Desert's and it's optimised for an action adventure game with a strong focus on interactive battles. There are foes with different combat styles and players will have to time their attacks perfectly when attacking. 

"Players in Crimson Desert will have to factor in their relative positions and the timing of their attacks when they fight. How a player moves during battle will also be very important. Players will also have to co-ordinate their attacks with other members of their group and fight differently according to the different types of enemies that they encounter."

As for the open world, Pearl Abyss tried to include as many interactive elements of gameplay as they could. "Players will not only be able to interact with other NPCs and other members of their group, but will also be able to travel the world, go on adventures, and explore mysterious locations hidden throughout the world."

Crimson Desert by Pearl Abyss

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You can check out the full interview in the latest issue of PlayStation Magazine UK.

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