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Overwatch 2 reveals new tank hero, Ramattra

Published: 02:10, 05 November 2022
Updated: 02:12, 05 November 2022
Overwatch 2 - Ramattra
Overwatch 2 - Ramattra

Ramattra is the next Overwatch 2 hero, despite the fans' beliefs it could be someone else.

Overwatch 2 players were pretty sure Mauga would be the next Overwatch 2 hero as the Talon Heavy Assault class fits the description and the character is prominently featured in the lore.

However, Baptiste's former friend will not be making a debut next month when Season 2 of Overwatch 2 begins as Blizzard will introduce Ramattra instead.

While this switcheroo may not sit well with everyone, it is a far cry from the actual controversies caused by the company so far.

In any case, the reveal was cinematic in nature, allowing fans to acquaint themselves with the new Omnic tank, although they had a chance to see the individual before.

Storm Rising, the PvE operation we got to play during the original Overwatch, showed Winston, Tracer, Genji and Mercy chasing Maximillian, a criminal Omnic on the Havana map.

Blizzard Punchy boy himself worked on the alliance between Talon and Ramattra Punchy boy himself worked on the alliance between Talon and Ramattra

During the ending cinematic related to the mission, we saw Doomfist talking to someone who is trying to secure the safety of their people and as it turned out, this was Ramattra.

Initially, Ramattra attempted to seek peaceful coexistence between Omnics and humans but the continued aggression radicalised his views and now he seeks to secure the robots' future by any means necessary.

It is highly implied he is in cahoots with Talon but the full story still remains to be seen. It will likely be unveiled in the next few weeks as Season 2 will begin on December 6, 2022, at which point Ramattra will be released as well.


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