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Blizzard is now collecting feedback on Overwatch 2 monetisation

Published: 02:47, 02 November 2022
If you want to earn double XP in Overwatch 2, make sure you don't miss the weekends listed above
If you want to earn double XP in Overwatch 2, make sure you don't miss the weekends listed above

Following the introduction of the colossal disaster that is the monetisation in Overwatch 2, backlash from fans may start to yield results.

Blizzard  went overboard with the greed in Overwatch 2  monetisation as the game's cosmetics became extremely overpriced which caused a massive backlash, especially because the veterans are well aware they could earn them without having to pay anything at all.

Almost a month later, the studio started sending out survey emails to the players to determine the best course of action regarding the game's monetisation.

At first, this may look like a reaction to the negative sentiments that is made to benefit the players but the wording and general silence on the matter suggest Blizzard may just be trying to optimise the revenue stream.

The survey asks players if they purchased anything with the premium currency in the game and if the answer is no, it offers a list of possible reasons for the player to choose as the one that caused them not to buy the currency.

Thankfully, some options are "It's not a good value" and "The costs are too high" but sadly, there isn't a single one that would let the player suggest being able to earn enough currency to purchase cosmetics, without having to invest an obscene amount of time into it.

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It remains to be seen whether Blizzard will listen to the player base but given the company's track record in the past few years, improvements may not be on the horizon and will be replaced by a tone-deaf question along the lines of "Don't you guys have phones?".


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