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LoL esports: Rhuckz is Fnatic's new starting support apparently

Published: 12:06, 04 November 2022
Riot Games
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League of Legends preseason transfers are mostly not official yet but rumour has it that a player with an amazing debut will get an opportunity in LEC.

Fnatic's roster moves have been pretty hectic in the last few preseasons and one of the most well-known organisations in the League of Legends competitive scene might have a banger move on the cards.

Following the early stages of Riot Games ' biggest tournament of the year, Worlds 2022, Rhuckz gained a lot of popularity for his clean playstyle and great performance.

He used the opportunity of the two games he was given at the tournament to the maximum and now it looks like he will be on the main roster for the 2023 season.

Blix broke the news that the Portuguese support will be replacing Hylissang in 2023 which left some fans with mixed feelings but most are optimistic, following the show Rhuckz put up at worlds.

Riot Games Picture of League of Legends champion Nautilus League of Legends: Nautilus

His playstyle seems to be a stark contrast of Hylissang's since the player went deathless in the two matches he played at Worlds while it took Hyli three minutes to get the first notch on his death belt after he was cleared to play.

Other rumours suggest that Upset is also leaving Fnatic, meaning only the topside of the team is locked in, with Rhuckz being the first addition in bot lane. It is currently unclear who the new marksman will be.


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