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Overwatch 2: Free Carbon Flight Bundle for Xbox players

Published: 11:10, 02 November 2022
Pharah Carbon Fibre Epic Skin
Pharah Carbon Fibre Epic Skin

Overwatch 2 Xbox players are getting free rewards these days! It is the Carbon Flight Bundle containing Pharah Carbon Fibre epic skin and the Gibraltar Jet souvenir.

If you play Overwatch 2 over on an Xbox , you can count yourself lucky! At the moment, seems like all Overwatch 2 players on the Xbox platform are able to redeem a free skin. Looks like the players are getting a free Carbon Fibre skin for Pharah and the Gibraltar souvenir. PC and PlayStation  players don't have this opportunity.

Many players are receiving a message directly from Xbox, saying: "Let's get you back in the fight! Overwatch 2 has arrived and it is free to play. As a thank you for playing Overwatch 2, we'd like to give you this code for a Pharah Carbon Fibre Epic skin and Gibraltar Jet souvenir, usable in Overwatch 2."

But it seems like many players are having issues with the confirmation of these rewards. Many of them are complaining about the problem of redeeming the code, but not getting the reward. Or, getting the Pharah Carbon Fibre Epic skin but not the Gibraltar Jet souvenir and vice versa.

For those wondering, this is an Xbox perk. Players get these types of gifts all the time from Xbox. Seems like Microsoft is collaborating with certain companies. But it is totally random who gets the gifts and other perks. 

Xbox players are stating that if they play more hours on the platform, the more random gifts they get. No matter if you have Xbox Game Pass or not, you should get random gifts once in a while.

Blizzard The Gibraltar souvenir can be acquired by purchasing Watchpoint: Gibraltar pack The Gibraltar souvenir can be acquired by purchasing Watchpoint: Gibraltar pack

If you claimed the free bundle, but it doesn't show in your inventory, try to restart the console. If you did all these things and it still doesn't show, then it's probably a Blizzard problem, not an Xbox problem.

PC and Playstation players might get it too unless it's a Microsoft exclusive. 


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