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Overwatch 2 patch buffs Ana, nerfs Doomfist and more

Published: 04:34, 16 December 2022
Overwatch 2 players will now have the chance to unlock Ramattra at Battle Pass level 45
Overwatch 2 players will now have the chance to unlock Ramattra at Battle Pass level 45

Blizzard has swooped in with a balance patch for Overwatch 2, nerfing a few overperforming heroes and buffing the weaker ones while some were still left untended.

Overwatch 2 has had its share of troubles during the first season and they are continuing in the second season of the game but at least Blizzard is looking to fix some of the balancing issues.

While December 15, 2022, patch dealt mostly with actual balancing, the nerf to Tracer's damage came from being previously overtuned after a fix to a range bug caused her damage to drop more than intended.

Anyway, the nerf bat was swung at Doomfist, who was launched from the most useless character in the game to a top pick after the start of the season gave him too many bugs. He will now have a longer cooldown on Rocket Punch, take longer to power it up by blocking and get less temporary health from damaging enemies.

Sojourn's primary fire now has more spread, her slide cooldown is longer and the AoE ability lost the slow functionality.

Kiriko's Suzu had its invulnerability period decreased by 15 per cent.

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As for the buffs, Ana had the most impactful ones since her primary fire heals and deals five more health or damage per shot. It may not sound like much but landing two hits in a Tracer will ruin her day. Biotic Grenade also lasts one second longer now.

Ramattra will now move faster and have more armour in the Nemesis form while the Omnic form barrier had its cooldown reduced.

Orisa's primary fire damage drop off will now start at 25 metres instead of 15 and her ulti will go through barriers.


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