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Bethesda reveal new details about Starfield factions, companions, quests and more

Published: 18:26, 14 December 2022
Starfield - Your companions will be able to crew your ship and more
Starfield - Your companions will be able to crew your ship and more

Bethesda have dropped a new Constellation Questions video for Starfield, revealing new details about quests, companions, factions and more.

Following the disappointing non-appearance at The Game Awards show, Bethesda have dropped a new Starfield Constellation Questions dev vlog where they revealed a couple of new details about companions, factions and quests.

Speaking about these topics, Lead Quest Designer Will Shen revealed that players will return to Earth's solar system called "Old Neighborhood" early in the game and explore a settlement Cydonia on Mars. 

When asked about random encounters, Shen confirmed that Starfield will have plenty of these on its planets. Players will discover whole settlements randomly while exploring, which is music to our ears.

As for the factions, Starfield won't lock you out of other factions if you decide to join one. Let's say you decide to join Space Pirates, that won't stop you from talking to other factions and doing jobs for them. 

When it comes to player choices, Shen revealed that the player will decide the fate of some major story characters including who lives and dies or who stays or leaves a certain faction. 

Starfield will also have companions and these will sometimes negotiate for you or jump in to defend you or help you persuade someone, which is certainly a nice addition. 

Bethesda Starfield Players will randomly encounter entire settlements as they explore Starfield's planets

All in all, while this may not be as juicy as some previous details, it's still quite interesting and gives us a clearer picture of Starfield's RPG side.

Hopefully, we get to see something soon to help us scratch this Starfield itch that we have had since summer.


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