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League of Legends - Riot is making new jungle changes in patch 12.23B

Published: 15:28, 15 December 2022
Riot Games
New jungle changes hit the Summoners Rift!
New jungle changes hit the Summoners Rift!

This is the last balance changes that Riot will make in this year. The jungle has been changes a lot recently, and now Riot is making some new changes in the jungle yet again!

A new League of Legends  Season is on its way as the end of the year approaches. As a result, a slew of adjustments and new cosmetics are on the way. It all started with Patch 12.22, which kicked off the preseason. Heartsteel,  Radiant's Virtue, and other new items were added in Patch 12.22.

So far, the adjustments have been focused on getting their new inventory in the door and keeping it in check. However, some of their goods, such as Ravenous Hydra, went overboard. As a result, Patch 12.23 addressed a large portion of this.

Patch 12.23B  also brought about some modifications in the jungle. Riot  has put the jungle to the test in preseason, as jungle pets and other new features have been implemented. With so many changes on the way, the jungle will look and play differently. 

Here are all the jungle changes in patch 12.23B:

Epic Monsters

The damage reduction on Epic Monsters became a problem, so Riot is making some changes.

  •  Damage Reduction: 30%> 20%

Gold Gain

The gold income from the jungle is being nerfed on both gold from treats, and camp gold is being changed.

  • Gold From Treats: 35 gold > 30 gold
  • Monster Camp Gold Changes (specifics still unknown)


Mosstomper gives too many shields currently, so Riot made some changes to its shielding ability.

  •  Shield: 75 – 330 > 60 – 281

Riot Games League of Legends jungle pets League of Legends jungle pets

Patch 12.23B will bring several improvements to the jungle. It ranged from Mosstomper improvements to making Epic Monsters easier to slay. 

In addition, the gold economy is being modified for junglers, since several funnel methods have emerged.

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